Published Date2019-02-08
Conference2019 IEEE Texas Power and Energy conference (TPEC)
Conference Date2019-02-07 - 2019-02-08
Conference LocationCollege_Station, TX, USA
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  • Oregon Institute of Technology


this paper presents a computer analysis of a 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous actuator with helical movement of the rotor. This actuator has one 3-phase winding, one stator, one rotor, and one power supply. Helical motion of the actuator’s rotor is achieved by skewing the permanent magnets on the rotor. This way the resultant electromagnetic force acting on the rotor is split for two individual forces: linear and rotary. The influence of the permanent magnets’ skew angle on these forces is studied by running parametric analyses in 3D FEM software. The actuator with optimal skew angle was analyzed further at different supply frequencies by a 3D FEM and circuit co-simulation analysis. The electromechanical characteristics of the actuator are calculated and discussed in the paper.