Flashback Technologies

Flashback Technologies Louisville, Colorado, United States
University of Colorado

University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado, United States
Portfolio Summary
    • 24
      G16H - Healthcare informatics, i.e. information and communication technology [ict] specially adapted for the handling or processing of medical or healthcare data
    • 21
      A61B - Diagnosis
    • 6
      G06F - Electric digital data processing
    • 4
      A61M - Devices for introducing media into, or onto, the body
    • 3
      G06N - Computer systems based on specific computational models
    • 3
      Y02A - Technologies for adaptation to climate change
    • 2
      G06Q - Data processing systems or methods, specially adapted for administrative, commercial, financial, managerial, supervisory or forecasting purposes
    • 1
      A61H - Physical therapy apparatus, e.g. devices for locating or stimulating reflex points in the body