Publication NumberWO 2009099569 A1
  • Univ Giessen Justus Liebig
  • Univ Leland Stanford Junior
  • Yang Wanli
  • Shen Zhi-Xun
  • Manoharan Harindran C
  • Melosh Nicholas A
  • Kelly Michael A
  • Fokin Andrey A
  • Schreiner Peter R
  • Randel Jason C
Filing StatusPatent Application
Application NumberPCT/US2009/2009000619
Filing Date2009-01-30
Publication Date2009-08-13


Provided is a molecular rectifier comprised of a diamondoid molecule and an electron acceptor attached to the diamondoid molecule. The electron acceptor is generally an electron accepting aromatic species which is covalently attached to the diamondoid.


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