Youzle is a social aggregation service that aims to provide easy use of social networks from a single location, allowing you to save time by posting updates to your social networks instead of going to each individual website.

Full Explination:
Youzle knows that a lot of people have many different social presences online. Facebook for friends and family, Twitter for the semi-professional contacts, Vimeo and YouTube for your videos and Flickr for your photos. It is hard to find all the time on a daily basis to go to each of these locations individually and keep them updated. That is why Youzle has designed a system that will save everyone with these problems by letting you access all of these places, from a simple location. With just a few words and a few clicks, you can upload photos, update your status and even change the themes on your other networks.

Why would I need Youzle?
Well, if you're anything like us, and you most definitely are, you're constantly socializing with your friends and family on social networks. But when it comes to work, you don't have the time to go to each website individually, Youzle gives you the ability to access all of your social networks from one location.

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