Vesta Therapeutics is a privately held company developing cell therapeutics for liver repair and regeneration. The Company's technology is centered on the isolation, expansion, and cryopreservation of liver cells (human hepatocytes) obtained from organ donor livers that are not suitable for whole organ transplantation. Clinicians in academic settings have found that, following administration, human hepatocytes engraft and create new functioning liver tissue, which may provide a bridge to transplant or in some cases, eliminate the need for a liver transplant. The Food and Drug Administration has allowed the Company's Investigational New Drug (IND) application for a Phase I clinical trial of cryopreserved, allogeneic human liver cells for the treatment of patients with cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease.

We are grateful for the willingness of donor families to extend the gift of organ donation to cell transplantation and medical research. We hold the donor family in the highest regard and acknowledge their essential contribution to the development of cellular based treatments for disease. For more information about organ and tissue donation contact the Coalition on Donation at

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