[TicketLeap](https://www.ticketleap.com/) is an online ticket sales and event marketing company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Founded in 2003 by Wharton graduate Christopher Stanchak, TicketLeap differentiates itself from large ticket vendors by catering its e-ticketing services to small companies and events, as well as larger events. The company started out as just Chris and his mother Connie as the first employee, but has since expanded across the United States, and now Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The online ticketing platform that makes it simple for event organizers to sell, market and manage their events in one place. The system is a lightweight online ticketing platform, designed to make creating events and selling tickets easier than it's ever been.

Deep social integration with Facebook and Twitter allows event goers to easily share events they're interested in with the world, and event organizers to track how these social shares help sell them more tickets to their events.

Contact Information

2401 Walnut St, Suite 602
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States


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    Crunchbase Investment Rounds

    DateAmountRoundValuationLead InvestorOther Investors
    2013-04-18$675,000Debt_financingNextstage Capital
    2011-01-31$2,192,340Debt_financingNextstage Capital
    2010-11-05$339,845Debt_financingNextstage Capital
    2011-10-24$25,000VentureBen Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
    2009-09-30$2,530,000VentureNextstage Capital
    2008-07-22$2,000,000VentureMentorTech VenturesBen Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
    2012-02-22$490,000Debt_financingNextstage Capital