Fraud Hurts.

ThreatMark “Online Fraud Prevention as-a-Service” provider with the most complex all-in-one solution providing real-time recognition of legitimate customers and cyber-criminals
Reduction of the usage of passwords and sms-verifications cost savings
Saving operational, analysis and implementation costs in fraud prevention domain
Able to be fully operated in days for a fraction of costs!
We prevent online fraudulent transactions and negative effects associated with fraud, both on client and business. Attackers are able to adapt in hours and change their attack vector to bypass any isolated solution or weak combination. Present fraud detection/prevention solutions are having a hard time catching up with attackers as the solutions cover just one or few attackers vectors, cannot be integrated into complex security solutions to cover all possible vectors. That’s why ThreatMark AFS is the first “one box solutions that covers all possible attackers’ vectors”.

We also help our customers to resolve issues with customer authentication, payment fraud, bot/script attacks, social engineering/phishing, and promo-code and bonus abuse based on a unique combination of evidence evaluation.
We are unique by depth and breadth of attack detection methods
Most complex monitoring of devices, users, sessions and transactions in one solution
User behavior anomaly detection on the level of every mouse move
Industry’s most advanced device fingerprinting
Self-defense able to adapt to new attacks, that bypass any isolated solution or weak combination

We help our customers to reduce the usage of 3DSecure and sms-verifications, improving the customers experience and saving operation, risk and implementation costs. Our ambition is Cloud based Fraud prevention as a service platform and model for affordable price


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2016-08-01$55,831GrantEASME - EU Executive Agency for SMEs
2017-06-30Series ASpringtide Ventures