Teams get things done. Technology gets things done. Successful businesses know it—and know how to make them work together. Thanks to the Internet explosion, it's easier than ever for customers, vendors, and employees to contribute to a project, even if they're far apart. At the same time, technology has made it harder to work together—it just doesn't feel like a team. There are more phone calls, more meetings, more documents delivered—and more holes that appear in critical processes. Some software vendors have attempted to tackle these challenges through groupware products. And while these applications solve communication problems on a company-wide level, they lack the day-to-day management and productivity tools people are desperate for. They just don't work for teams.

Enter Thoughtstar. They envisioned a team-focused collaboration tool that could work over the Web. In 1997 they formed their vision into a company called Thoughtstar located in Sandy, Utah. The result of their vision is QuickTeam—an interactive workspace they call a Team Portal where people can go to communicate, collaborate, and add progress to a project. In short, it's a team's on-line headquarters. A whole new way for teams to work—and work more effectively.

Today, QuickTeam is the first true—and complete—teamware solution available. You can host it on a corporate intranet, extranet, the Internet or a team member's computer—you can even lease the program from Thoughtstar or your ISP who will host it for you. QuickTeam is all Java, so it works on any platform. And users with no IT experience can install it once and run it over as many computers as necessary, no sweat. Plus, QuickTeam synchs up with the top groupware products a company may already have, making them more effective. And, it's got all the productivity tools your team needs to be more efficient—and more effective.


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