Tegzia is a business analytics management platform. It allows you to build data-pipelines, transform and visualize- all from a single interface. Modern businesses produce a lot of structured and un-structured information. We help make use of every piece of information that matters for successful business operations. Tegzia allows you to have a clear insights of your business operations, forecasts and trends. Tegzia is a web-based app. - Connect to all kinds of data sources. - Build robust data pipelines. - See the big picture using visualization in real-time and shаrе with the team. - Complete Business Analytics in one place. We enable wide range of functions across various industries for their analytics needs. Whether you are a business with minimum data capturing capabilities or a full-fledge data driven organization, we'll help you discover the critical functions where the analytics will bring the most value for your business. - Financial Institutions - Consumer Product Companies (supply-chain, inventory management etc.) - Services Industry (dealers, brokerages, real-estate managers, marketing agencies) - Information Technology - Manufacturing (shipment tracking etc.) - Healthcare (feedback management, clinical intelligence, Patient safety etc.)

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