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    Y02E - Reduction of greenhouse gas [ghg] emissions, related to energy generation, transmission or distribution
  • 39
    H01M - Processes or means, e.g. batteries, for the direct conversion of chemical into electrical energy
  • 17
    C25B - Electrolytic or electrophoretic processes for the production of compounds or non-metals
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    B01J - Chemical or physical processes, e.g. catalysis or colloid chemistry
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    Y02P - Climate change mitigation technologies in the production or processing of goods
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    H02J - Circuit arrangements or systems for supplying or distributing electric power
  • 3
    C01B - Non-metallic elements
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    B82Y - Specific uses or applications of nanostructures
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    C07F - Acyclic, carbocyclic or heterocyclic compounds containing elements other than carbon, hydrogen, halogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, selenium or tellurium
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    Y02B - Climate change mitigation technologies related to buildings, e.g. housing, house appliances or related end-user applications

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