Solix Biofuels is producing technology to cultivate algae for the production of biofuels, chemicals and other valuable products. Solix Biofuels is the sole supplier of the AGSTM Technology, a controlled environment for cultivating oil-rich microalgae that is used for the production of biocrude, green diesel, biojet, biodiesel, methane, chemical intermediates, feed and other important products. Solix Biofuels' team of highly skilled energy industry professionals includes personnel with expertise in advanced biology, engineering, process integration and controls engineering. At Solix, their team is building a commercially viable alternative to petroleum based fuels and chemicals.

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    C12M - Apparatus for enzymology or microbiology
  • 16
    Y02E - Reduction of greenhouse gas [ghg] emissions, related to energy generation, transmission or distribution
  • 13
    Y02P - Climate change mitigation technologies in the production or processing of goods
  • 11
    C12P - Fermentation or enzyme-using processes to synthesise a desired chemical compound or composition or to separate optical isomers from a racemic mixture
  • 9
    C12N - Microorganisms or enzymes
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    A01G - Horticulture
  • 6
    C10G - Cracking hydrocarbon oils
  • 4
    C02F - Treatment of water, waste water, sewage, or sludge
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    Y02W - Climate change mitigation technologies related to wastewater treatment or waste management
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    A61K - Preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes

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