Serina Therapeutics, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Drs. Milton Harris and Michael Bentley. The intent of the company is to develop a proprietary polymer technology that is readily available from safe, water-soluble starting materials; will allow for attachment of any class of therapeutic molecule to its backbone through specific chemical pendants; and will retain a targeting moiety to allow the polymeric compound to be actively targeted to specific receptors in the body.

Polyoxazoline (POZ) was chosen as the polymer since it demonstrated all of the above properties in early studies. After a four-year technology development phase, during which Serina perfected the composition and production of its polymer platform - including the awarding of key patents that cover POZ polymers for development of therapeutics - the company is now advancing its first lead clinical candidate, SER-214, into IND-enabling studies in 2012. The company plans to initiate a Phase I study in Parkinson’s disease patients in the second half of 2014.

Serina's technology platform is very broad; it allows for the attachment of any class of potential therapeutic molecules to its polymer backbone, and the attachment of specific targeting moieties can direct the resultant polymeric compounds to specific sites and receptors in the body.

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  • Randall W Moreadith
    Executive Officer, Director
  • J Milton Harris
    Executive Officer, Director
  • Lonnie S McMillian
  • Michael D Bentley
    Executive Officer, Director
  • James R Hudson, Jr.
  • Tacey Viegas
    Executive Officer
  • Barbara Fisk