SenseGraphics provides a high performance application development platform which enables the integration of haptics and 3D stereo visualization into multimodal software applications. H3D API, SenseGraphics flagship product, is a dual commercial and GPL (open source) licensed software that uses the open standards X3D and OpenGL, enabling developers to rapidly and easily create applications.

H3DAPI leverages on a diverse range of haptics platforms and technology including those of SenseAble Technologies, Novint and ForceDimension. H3DAPI force feedback haptic technology can be applied in research, medical/dental simulations, robotics etc. Products haptically-enabled by SenseGraphics H3DAPI include MedaPhor ScanTrainer, MOOG Simodont Dental Trainer, Project Haystack for Ultrasound guided Peripheral Nerve Block, The Royal Veterinary College's Core Skills Trainer and Curictus Virtual Rehabilitation System.

Founded in 2004 in Stockholm, SenseGraphics represents over twenty years of experience in the haptics and graphics industry. SenseGraphics' development platform consists of two main components, hardware and software solutions, offering the complete set of technologies needed to initiate 3D or haptics application development.

SenseGraphics also offers professional haptic training, support and consulting services, as well as custom hardware solutions. SenseGraphics' vision is to facilitate application development of haptic, and co-located hapto-visual, applications.

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