ScandiNova is by its break-through technology a world leader in development and production of pulsed power systems with high power levels. The product range covers RF-systems, pulse generators and electron guns. All with Solid State technology.

Our solutions have a key function in several scientific applications, in cancer treatment, industrial X-ray, scanning of goods, sterilization and in other industrial applications. More than 95% of the production is exported to clients in 30 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and North America. To date we have delivered more than 300 solid-state systems to approximately 70 customers.

ScandiNova has its head-office in Uppsala, Sweden and sales representatives in each sales region over the world. The company has established a global network of collaborations with highly skilled and experienced partners covering industry, academia and research organisations such as CERN in Europe, Lawrence Livermore and Brookhaven National Laboratories in the US.

Our success is made possible through an innovative business climate with focus on accuracy and close cooperation with customers and other stakeholders.

ScandiNova Systems AB staff members have been building Line-type PFN-Modulators using thyratrons since the 1960s, producing pulse power from 1kW to 20GW and average power from 1kW to 5MW. In 1995 a new all Solid State Modulator technology was invented. A high power prototype (13MW) was tested in 1996 and since then the team have designed and produced many Modulators of different type and for different applications. When ScandiNova Systems opened for business in July 2001, the founders of the company were already fully experienced in this technology and established one objective – “To become the leader in the Solid State Modulator field by releasing the third generation of Solid State Modulator technology”. Today the ScandiNova technology has become well established in several applications.


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Crunchbase Investment Rounds

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2007-05-28$2,806,474Series ASEB Venture Capital
2014-03-12$4,712,348Convertible NoteSEB Venture Capital
2006-05-09$1,639,169Series ASEB Venture Capital
2005-09-08$1,996,977Series ASEB Venture Capital