Samplified International BV is the Amsterdam area based toplevel of the Samplified group of companies. With subsidiaries in Boulder,Colorado (Samplified Audio LLC)), Lanaken, Belgium (Samplified Europe NV) and Mississauga, Canada (Samplified Audio Solutions Inc.) an international team of entrepreneurs, developers and researchers has build two platforms for personalized audio: Clementine and Clementine Wear.

Clementine is a service platform, initially launched in the audiology industry in Europe, the platform is capable of supporting any (type of) service model via any channel or medium for any type of personalized audio product (hearing aids, PSAP's, hearables, wearables etc.). Clementine is fully modular and the mobile interface is cross platform (IOS/Android).

Clementine Wear is an audio product platform, the embedded part is designed to operate on consumer audio DSP solutions and the mobile interface (IOS/Android) is fully integrated in Clementine. Clementine Wear is open to any vendor to built programmable, personalized audio products, intended to dramatically improve speech-in-noise performance and control sound environment as well as a large range of other audio functions, including audio streaming. Clementine wear is modular and has over-the-air upgrade and update capability. Applications can target Home, Car, OTC Hearing Aid/PSAP/Sports/Hearing Protection/Phone/TV.

The first product built on Clementine Wear, the Snow Owl, made its debut on IndieGogo in August 2017.

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