Previously known as lbgloballaw, Quovant is the next generation in legal spend and matter management technology and services designed to optimize corporate legal, claims and risk management departments. Taking lessons from world-class software and data analytics providers, Quovant has created legal spend and matter management software that is intuitive and easy to use while delivering functional capabilities at a fraction of the price of old line providers.

Realizing that every legal and claims department is different, Quovant tools are highly configurable down to individual user experience. Large and complex or small and focused, configurability allows clients to deploy legal spend and matter management optimized for their department. Think about it, legal spend and matter management software designed and deployed for your business while giving users the ability to modify that standard deployment to meet their individual needs. Look, feel and even functionality can be tailored by each user. Meeting clients and their users where they are is the hallmark of Quovant software and services. Our ability to grow with you just comes naturally.

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