QIAGEN is the world’s leading provider of innovative Sample & Assay Technologies, and a key player in the molecular biology revolution. More than one-half million customers throughout the world rely on the company’s products. QIAGEN’s sample technologies help to isolate genetic material and other molecules from biological samples such as blood, bone and tissue. These can then be analyzed using appropriate assay technologies to reveal the information concealed within. QIAGEN’s products transform raw bio- logical material into valuable molecular information according to standardized and reproducible procedures.

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    C12Q - Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleic acids or microorganisms
  • 556
    C12N - Microorganisms or enzymes
  • 309
    G01N - Investigating or analysing materials by determining their chemical or physical properties
  • 193
    B01L - Chemical or physical laboratory apparatus for general use
  • 83
    B01D - Separation
  • 62
    C07K - Peptides
  • 54
    C07H - Sugars
  • 50
    B01J - Chemical or physical processes, e.g. catalysis or colloid chemistry
  • 36
    C12P - Fermentation or enzyme-using processes to synthesise a desired chemical compound or composition or to separate optical isomers from a racemic mixture
  • 27
    B03C - Magnetic or electrostatic separation of solid materials from solid materials or fluids

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