Otsuka Pharmaceutical was established in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan in 1964. At Otsuka Pharmaceutical, we are committed to a holistic approach to health and well-being of people and are striving to create innovative, thoroughly-original pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products based on our corporate philosophy “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”. Analogous to riding on a bicycle, we drive on two wheels.


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  • 2,358
    A61K - Preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes
  • 1,148
    C07D - Heterocyclic compounds
  • 421
    G01N - Investigating or analysing materials by determining their chemical or physical properties
  • 409
    C07K - Peptides
  • 357
    A61J - Containers specially adapted for medical or pharmaceutical purposes
  • 299
    C12N - Microorganisms or enzymes
  • 268
    A23L - Foods, foodstuffs, or non-alcoholic beverages, not covered by subclasses  -
  • 249
    A61M - Devices for introducing media into, or onto, the body
  • 180
    C07F - Acyclic, carbocyclic or heterocyclic compounds containing elements other than carbon, hydrogen, halogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, selenium or tellurium
  • 178
    B65D - Containers for storage or transport of articles or materials, e.g. bags, barrels, bottles, boxes, cans, cartons, crates, drums, jars, tanks, hoppers, forwarding containers

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