Nexell Therapeutics, Inc. operates as a biotechnology company whose principal subsidiary, Nexell of California, Inc. (NCI) engages in the development of cell therapy products for the treatment of genetic blood disorders, autoimmune diseases, cancer and regenerative medicine applications. Its lead candidate product in Phase III clinical trials is a proprietary cellular product comprised of CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) for treatment of chronic granulomatous disease, a life-threatening hereditary disorder. NCI is also developing dendritic cell vaccines for the treatment of certain cancers. In this program, NCI is applying proprietary technology to isolate dendritic cell precursors, activate them ex vivo and transform them into mature dendritic cells suitable for reinfusion into the patient. The initial candidate vaccine is targeting colon cancer. Also, NCI has a preclinical development program for a companion to the HSC stem cell product that is intended for stabilization and maintenance of donor cells.


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