Musical Blockchain (HQ location: Užupis, Lithuania). World's first Creative approach to blockchain. Where's the revolution? Long story short: we invented and developed a solution which takes data (images/graphics/text/etc) and converts it into musical composition/soundwave, building it tone-by-tone using the AI+Blockchain and natural-like inspiration and improvisation. With this solution we proposing a new, innovative way for melodic sequence composition, sound generation and new fundamentals for computer-based improvisation (Decentralized Improvisation). When it comes to AI/computer-generated works, resulting in computer-generated sequences powered by pre-trained neural networks or similar machine learning algorithms, it is proximate to the result of the work of a real human being. However, while generation is highly automated and algorithmised, the result usually uses previously predefined patterns to replicate style, movement, and technique. Our essential principle is to avoid that pre-trained models. This means, that machine-learning models, pre-trained on existing music/sounds are NOT USED for any sequence generation. We utilize machine learning algorithms for the data analysis and deep learning. We proposing natural-like inspiration, improvisation, and jamming processes on a technological level with the aid of a blockchain. And while currently all blockchain applications for the art/music/creative industry is about rights management, storage, direct sales and money talks, Musical Blockchain truly connects art, music and creativity with blockchain directly on many levels. Musical Blockchain have potential applications in music (as a solution, as well as a standalone live act with an upcoming performances), art, education, medicine, city development and other areas and is expected to have a profound impact on the real world in a different ways. Details available on request. Caring about environmental aspects - we contributing to the technology development with less energy-wasting algorithmic models, making this solution kinda 'green'. Technical details, technology demo music and whitepaper available on the official site: More tech demo tracks available on our soundcloud:

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Užupio Respublika, Lithuania
Vilnius 01200


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