LoanNEX provides loan discovery and pricing tools to residential mortgage originators. Today’s mortgage business calls for a more diverse approach to the market, and that means delivering a broader selection of products than just agency programs to meet your borrowers needs. LoanNEX [provides originators the discovery tools needed to Increase their loan volume in a currently declining market. Originators can offer more product options to fit all borrowers’ needs and employ the LoanNEX® platform to deliver the right products to their borrowers. A Seamless Solution: The non-agency market is complicated enough. With LoanNEX, there is no long, drawn-out onboarding process. Just sign up and start using it. Our platform is light-touch and intuitive, based on legacy systems, so it is easy for originators to learn and being accessing. Pricing is adjusted for lender compensation. Simplify the Day-to-Day: Expand your volume opportunity while simplifying your tools. You no longer need to manage multiple portals and platforms to access solutions for expanded credit borrowers. LoanNEX® offers an alternative to working through multiple investors portals to find solutions, allowing originators to do more volume efficiently and confidently.


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