Kabbee believes you should be able to find a quality minicab wherever you are in London.

Kabbee’s instant minicab price comparison and booking service, available as an iPhone app, Android App or at www.kabbee.com, makes this easy.

Kabbee has used its proprietary 30-point Accreditation Scheme to handpick 60 of the best minicab fleets in town. If you know a great fleet in your area, they’re probably working with Kabbee to provide access to over 4000 London minicab drivers. That’s more coverage than any other minicab service in London. So now you’re a local when it comes to getting cabs anywhere in London.

Kabbee gives you an immediate price comparison of fares before you book, many of them exclusive discounts. You then make your selection and pay by cash, card or pre-paid account. You can even create accounts for others so they can use Kabbee too. Kabbee saves you money and hassle.

Kabbee means no more searching for minicab numbers, ringing around for prices and times or waiting for the right car to turn up. Kabbee makes it simpler and quicker to book the right car for you because our location software finds you easily and our partners are based all over Greater London so there’s always a car nearby.

Before choosing one of Kabbee's Accredited Partners, you can view their ratings as well as a selection of prices and pickup times. The selected fleet will then let you know which vehicle is allocated and update you when the cab is outside. With Kabbee and our partner fleets, you’re always in good hands.

Cab Hunter™ is an exclusive service for Kabbee account holders in a rush. If the best available quote has a pick up time greater than 20 minutes, Kabbee will try to find an earlier cab at the same price. Kabbee saves you waiting around.

We are excited by the Kabbee service and we hope you will be too.


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Crunchbase Investment Rounds

DateAmountRoundValuationLead InvestorOther Investors
2012-10-01$3,250,000Series UnknownSamos InvestmentsPentland Brands, Ed Wray, Redbus Group
2013-11-19$6,123,619Series AOctopus VenturesSimon Nixon