Intensive education program for software development beginners. No previous experience and knowledge in the matter is required. The candidates go through a selection process divided in several steps including two logic tests and an interview by HR. The successfully graduated cadets are offered a career realization immediately after the graduation – full-time job in a number of Bulgarian IT companies. The education is absolutely free, while the partner companies compensate for the training of the hired cadets. In times of amazingly fast evolving technology and industry, the educational system isn't capable of addressing their needs adequately. This called for a number of alternative initiatives to emerge. The cadets in IT Talents Training Camp simply receive the necessary skills and knowledge in order to practice the profession in question. IT Talents Ltd. is aiming at stimulation and support of the IT industry, making its contribution to young people's development in Bulgaria. By the project's successful realization the transfer of professionals from one company to another is decreased. Brand new professionals are created instead. This way the Bulgarian developers are able to correctly predict their growth without being dependent on the labor market. The program is special because of its focus on giving a chance to people with no specific education – anyone can become a part of IT Talents Training Camp if they have the right motivation for growing in the IT field and different programming languages in particular.

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