Interndada provides the opportunity of recruitment to young scholars both normal and handicapped who are in need of jobs or internships. Interndada is a website that provides a platform for partnerships between corporations, government sectors and universities. This offers an opportunity to corporations to place advertisements regarding vacant jobs or internship positions in their companies. When they placed the vacancy advertisements the information is then passed to the students. After students received the information they can hand in their resumes and the platform will be able to detect what type of a job description fits the resume. The platform will automatically organize the resumes in a way that it is easy for companies and government sectors to track appropriate resumes that applied for specific jobs or internships. It also stores the resumes for students if incase there is a job or internship vacancy that is perfect for certain resumes, those students can quickly know about it and apply fast. One other aspect that makes this platform stand out is the fact that through the scanning of a resumes and job descriptions, it can inform the candidates about the different probabilities of getting different listed jobs or internships. This then can help the students to prioritize their applications by applying to those jobs that offers more chances of being hired. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved which are companies, the government and students. Companies do not have to wait long to get appropriate candidates for vacant jobs or internships. Also students save time of long searches for jobs or internships and the platform provides them with easy access to knowledge about employment opportunities. Interndada also organizes onsite and online Career fairs. This will give students a good chance to meet their potential employers and give a good impression to them.

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