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    A61M - Devices for introducing media into, or onto, the body
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    F04B - Positive displacement machines for liquids
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    G06F - Electric digital data processing
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    A61N - Electrotherapy
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    A61K - Preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes
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    F05C - Indexing scheme relating to materials, material properties or material characteristics for machines, engines or pumps other than non-positive-displacement machines or engines
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    G08C - Transmission systems for measured values, control or similar signals
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    B33Y - Additive manufacturing, i.e. manufacturing of three-dimensional [3-d] objects by additive deposition, additive agglomeration or additive layering, e.g. by 3-d printing, stereolithography or selective laser sintering
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    G16H - Healthcare informatics, i.e. information and communication technology [ict] specially adapted for the handling or processing of medical or healthcare data
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    A61B - Diagnosis

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