GPB Scientific is a privately-held cell-separation company that markets its technology to life sciences companies and research establishments. The company has accumulated an extensive portfolio of patents and know-how utilizing microchip technology for size-based enrichment and/or for affinity-based cell capture. With offices and laboratories on both coasts, GPB has a long entrepreneurial track record of fostering breakthrough biomedical products and moving them into the commercial healthcare and diagnostic marketplace. The company was founded in 2002 and based in Richmond, Virginia.

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  • 81
    G01N - Investigating or analysing materials by determining their chemical or physical properties
  • 61
    B01L - Chemical or physical laboratory apparatus for general use
  • 31
    C12Q - Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleic acids or microorganisms
  • 20
    B82Y - Specific uses or applications of nanostructures
  • 13
    B03C - Magnetic or electrostatic separation of solid materials from solid materials or fluids
  • 12
    B33Y - Additive manufacturing, i.e. manufacturing of three-dimensional [3-d] objects by additive deposition, additive agglomeration or additive layering, e.g. by 3-d printing, stereolithography or selective laser sintering
  • 11
    C12M - Apparatus for enzymology or microbiology
  • 5
    C12N - Microorganisms or enzymes
  • 3
    A61K - Preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes
  • 2
    G16B - Bioinformatics, i.e. information and communication technology [ict] specially adapted for genetic or protein-related data processing in computational molecular biology

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Contact Information

800 East Leigh St.
Richmond, VA 23219
United States


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Crunchbase Investment Rounds

DateAmountRoundValuationLead InvestorOther Investors
2020-04-02$25,500,000Series UnknownVensana CapitalAmgen Ventures
2018-06-04$500,000Series Unknown
2015-07-20$110,000Debt Financing
2015-07-15$1,881,134Series Unknown
2016-02-01$1,372,444Series Unknown