Geome is a complex solution for development, launch and maintenance of LBS systems distributed on a PaaS (Platform as a Service) basis.

The solution consists of the following set of integrated products: Geome SDK — a toolkit for LBS development; Geome Cloud — cloud hosting for Geome SDK based services; Geome Browser — a component allowing porting of an app to popular mobile platforms (iOs, Android and Windows Phone); Geome — aggregator of LBS for iOs, Android and Windows Phone; Geome Ad — location-based advertising service.

Summary of Geome advantages for each client category:

For developers: provides simple-to-use development tools, eliminates OS-specific development, reduces development costs of Location-based services, reduces maintenance costs and helps monetize via Location-based advertising.

For users: simplifies using multiple, incompatible Location-based services by placing them in “one window”.

For advertisers: provides access to publishers of Location-based advertising with CPA (cost-per-action) model (interest / visit / multiple visits).

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