GenSpera combines its novel biomedical technology platform with powerful insight and rigorous scientific methods to develop targeted treatments with fewer side-effects

Phase II clinical trials for lead compound for mipsagargin, also known as G-202, are underway in two indications:
Hepatocellular carcinoma, or liver cancer
Glioblastoma, or brain cancer

Experienced and motivated team drives the process:
Core team has extensive experience in successfully identifying and bringing oncology treatments to the clinic
Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading researchers who are both the inventors of the technology and founders

Technology platform supports the development of a suite of drugs targeted at different cancers, as well as other applications such as imaging

Over 15 years of research at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and other renowned research centers, including the University of Copenhagen:
Strong intellectual property portfolio
No milestones or royalty payments owed to third parties

Leverage the team's passion and expertise in identifying promising treatments and bringing them to the clinic

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    SEC Form D Funding Events

    2014-06-30$2,000,000$773,000Equity, Option to Acquire
    2013-09-10$20,000,000$5,000,032Equity, Option to Acquire
    2013-04-05$6,000,000$1,869,000Equity, Option to Acquire
    2011-05-24$3,500,000$2,249,750Equity, Option to Acquire, Other
    2011-03-14$4,145,578$4,145,578Equity, Option to Acquire, Other
    2010-06-21$2,695,000$2,695,000Equity, Option to Acquire, Other
    2009-09-18$250,000$240,000Equity, Option to Acquire, Other
    2009-08-03$3,038,000$3,038,000Equity, Option to Acquire, Other
    2009-07-08$4,000,000$750,000Equity, Option to Acquire, Other
    2009-07-07$4,000,000$2,320,000Equity, Option to Acquire, Other
    2007-12-12UnknownUnknownOther (Paper Filing)

    Key Executives

    • Craig Dionne
      Director, Executive Officer
    • John M Farah
    • Scott Ogilvie
    • John Farah
    • Scott Oglive
    • John M. Farah
    • Russell Richerson
      Executive Officer
    • Scott V. Ogilvie
    • Bo Jesper Hansen
    • Scott V Ogilvie
    • Peter Grebow
    • Nancy Jean Barnabei
      Executive Officer