Co-Managing Partner. (Founder) France (Aix en Provence - Lille - Paris - Pau) Partners: POWEO; Direct Energy; Bouygues Telecom; Neuf Telecom; Telecom Italia; LTI telecom Followed and developed commercial activity Maintain the business & continuously improve it Find new sources of growth and seize opportunities Follow cash management & monitor cash flow Ensure that his employees will be paid Listen to his teams and his clients Train continuously the best elements Monitor the quality of products / services sold Improve the company's marketing strategy & strengthen differentiation Ensure the progress of projects in progress Track & control delegated tasks Decide systematically to invest in priority his money & the time of his teams in what brings back turnover . Ensure the satisfaction of its customers Set the 'right price' : balanced between costs, customer expectations and added value delivered to the customer Monitor cash requirements & apply to have provisioned 2 months of WCR Choose & get involved in a networking activity.

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