Since 1935, David Clark Company has been dedicated to the development of products calling for unsurpassed excellence in quality, design and performance. From our humble beginnings in the textile business with the development of unique knitted materials for specialty undergarments, our focus has evolved to products that protect people and save lives.

Each of the various products described on our website was developed in response to a customer's expressed need. Consequently, we understand the real value of listening to our customers and providing them uncompromising customer service, forever.

As the industry leader in virtually every niche market we serve, we are dedicated to maintaining the high standards that our Company founders established. We have earned a reputation for excellence; we intend to keep it and to continue deserving the confidence of our customers.

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  • 12
    H04R - Loudspeakers, microphones, gramophone pick-ups or like acoustic electromechanical transducers
  • 7
    A61F - Filters implantable into blood vessels
  • 5
    B64D - Equipment for fitting in or to aircraft
  • 5
    H04B - Transmission
  • 4
    H04M - Telephonic communication
  • 3
    A41D - Outerwear
  • 3
    A42B - Hats
  • 2
    G10K - Sound-producing devices
  • 1
    A62B - Devices, apparatus or methods for life-saving
  • 1
    B60R - Vehicles, vehicle fittings, or vehicle parts, not otherwise provided for

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