During 2001-2003, a new brand was established by Target Eye Limited, under the trade name of Target Data.
As part of the venture, a new databased cleansing software was developed which was branded as DataTune.

Among Target Data's clients: government institutes, large corporations, Microsoft Israel, Bezeq Call, and People and Computers.

The Target Data services include:

- Data enhancement
- Filtering redundancies (duplicates)
- Data conversion
- Unification and filtering of records (including between various databases)
- Location of potential customers (for Database marketing).
- Integration of various information systems
- Generation of automatic reports
- System analysis
- Development of efficient tools for normal and correct entry of new data
- Location of updated information about private individuals and companies (including investigations, sending people into the field, etc., that is, in case there is no updated information)
- Development of customized software for execution of current activities on the customerâ€:tm:s premises, without the need for external help
- Improvement of information systems performance
- Development of software and tools based on Excel
- Training and assimilation
Data Cleansing, Database fine tuning, Information Systems

Contact Information

2 Old Brompton Road
London SW7 3DQ
United Kingdom


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