We are a team of Data Fanatics on a mission; to make predictive marketing accessible for everyone. In the battle of winning the hearts and minds of customers, relevance is key. By leveraging the power of predictive marketing, brands can become more relevant. Our goal is to provide marketing teams an easy to use platform that is affordable, easy to use and highly actionable.

We provide marketing teams the power of Big Data and take out the data scientist. We take predictive marketing to the next level, giving actionable insights that tell your marketing team exactly how you can make the most of your marketing opportunities.

Give yourself marketing superpowers. Easily connect your channels, automatically enrich them with external influences such as weather and traffic intensity and gain actionable insights. We serve you Next Best Actions that tell exactly who to contact about which product, when to contact them, and which marketing channel to use. Get more relevant messages to your customers through your own website, webshop, email marketing campaigns or on social media.

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