Data Ventures is a boutique venture capital firm focused on big data technologies. We are based in Warsaw, Poland but operate globally. We are concentrated on AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Fintech, HRTech, IoT and SaaS sectors.

Our mission is to empower technology entrepreneurs to make a mark on the world thanks to better understanding of data. Our company's core strengths are strong operational team and long-term strategic view on investments.

We run a concentrated portfolio of early-stage B2B software startups and to be actively involved in day-to-day operations by implementing the best practices in the areas of product development, integrated sales&marketing, technology and global roll-out of business. Our further target is to spread the best practices across Investment Portfolio and generate synergies between Portfolio Companies.

- Turbine Analytics S.A. (portfolio management automation SaaS),
- Data Space Sp. z o.o. (cloud infrastructure operator),
- Chop-Chop Sp. z o.o. (front-end software house),
- Airbot Sp. z o.o. (drone sports)

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