dailypresent is a powerful platform that enables premium brands to engage online audiences with real world incentives and competition motivation.

Every day a new premium product is offered on dailypresent.

Consumers can earn the chance to get the product FOC, or receive a significant discount on purchasing it by performing various tasks to accumulate ‘ribbons’.

For example, consumers can earn ribbons by interacting on social media platforms with other users and with brands, by watching videos, by correctly answering questions about the products and many other mechanisms.

In addition to the real world incentive, dailypresent’s social leaderboards encourage competition motivation.

Brands drive customers to dailypresent via their own channels and can also host the platform on their own website.

dailypresent offers brands a cost-effective platform for launching new products, driving product awareness and customer acquisition.

The platform delivers highly-targeted, action-driven consumer interaction and engagement with the product.

dailypresent leverages social media to create incentives for users to broadcast the brand to their social graph.

This drives product awareness and engagement simultaneously across multiple channels - media, Facebook and the brand’s website.

It also provides access for the first time to usage and demographic data across these channels with the data set continually growing bigger and richer.

dailypresent will announce premium brand deals in the coming months.

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