Cyber Holdings, Inc. is the owner/operator of the War Zone Secure website. War Zone Secure is a multi-player First Person Shooter (FPS) tournament venue focused on creating a “full-circle” gaming experience where Gamers can actively compete in our tournaments, engage in social interactions with other Gamers, experience a cheat-free environment with our patent-pending “Win-With-Honor” anti-cheat technologies, be recognized by fellow Gamers, learn FPS Gaming techniques and secure significant prizes. The site will provide tournaments for individuals and small teams, and tournaments exclusively for Clans. The initial launch will include 5 of the most popular FPS titles available. The Tournaments are conducted on-line (no need for a console), and will be available world-wide 365/24/7.

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  • 153
    C22C - Alloys
  • 62
    C21D - Modifying the physical structure of ferrous metals
  • 31
    B22F - Working metallic powder
  • 31
    G02B - Optical elements, systems, or apparatus
  • 17
    H01F - Magnets
  • 8
    F16C - Shafts
  • 6
    B29C - Shaping or joining of plastics
  • 6
    C22F - Changing the physical structure of non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous alloys
  • 5
    G21C - Nuclear reactors
  • 4
    B21C - Manufacture of metal sheets, wire, rods, tubes or profiles, otherwise than by rolling

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