In 2014, the founder created an innovative Currency Trading Platform called CUREX, linking the benefits of FOREX market (attractive rates and high liquidity) with physical online delivery of currencies, which so far was offered only by banks and bureaux of currency exchange.

The mission of CUREX platform is to enable direct currency exchange between users of the platform in P2P model (peer to peer), bypassing banks and other brokers. CUREX platform ensures profit maximization, which comes from the direct exchange between users, it also offers safety and liquidity of the transactions.
CUREX is based on an innovative and unique system, with built-in Liquidity Mechanism (MPFX), which ensures that surplus or shortage of funds for individual currency pairs coming from Users’ orders are liquidated on the foreign exchange market Interbank. CUREX platform enables to buy/sell currencies at the rates previously inaccessible, while maintaining high liquidity. Additionally, thanks to the internal billing and transfer system CUREX platform enables transfer of funds skipping SWIFT, SEPA.

Curex system is completely automative, with no interference/supervision of employees, which makes it extremely cost effective.

They are looking for investors who are operating on the international financial markets esp. USA, China and have contacts and knowledge, they are willing to invest in unique and innovative financial solutions with a global reach and potential. The future of Curex is operating on worldwide financial markets.

They also seek for capital amount of min. 670k USD, which will allow us to further develop the system as well as promote it to gain new clients.

The capital will be used to ensure:

• Acquisition of new clients in the B2B sector and individual clients

• Integration with the global financial markets via opening of bank accounts in leading financial institutions around the world,

• R&D: the further development of transaction system

• Creation of mobile version: for a

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