Convoy Therapeutics is developing the next generation of dermatological therapies using its proprietary SPACE™ peptides in combination with a variety of actives. The company’s first two products are CycloPsorb™ and Khalay HA™ . The company also has a pipeline of other projects at various stages of development in-house and with its partners.

Convoy Therapeutics, a subsidiary of ACTUS Biotechnologies, was founded in 2011 based upon the proprietary Skin-Penetrating And Cell Entering (SPACE) peptide technology developed by Professor Samir Mitragotri and his laboratory at University of California at Santa Barbara. The company is focused on enhancing the patient experience using its proprietary platform technology and aggressively advancing this platform technology through the research and development process. As a company with an innovative technology platform, partnering is a crucial element of Convoy’s growth strategy, with an intense focus on maximizing the value of its SPACE™ peptide technology and pipeline programs by working with strategic partners from multiple perspectives including: product co-development, research collaborations, and other licensing arrangements.

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    2012-05-15$3,000,000$2,000,000Equity, Option to Acquire

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    • John A Muraski
      Executive Officer, Director
    • Jim Carmichael
      Executive Officer, Director
    • Robert Davis
      Executive Officer, Director