To ensure a continuous supply of innovative in-house-developed drugs, Chugai Pharmaceutical is exploiting its unique strengths and its global network to the full, and has been developing a range of new-drug creation activities that provide a healthy balance between low-molecular-weight drugs and antibody drugs.

Since forming a strategic alliance with Roche, Chugai Pharmaceutical has constructed a network related to exploratory research into low-molecular-weight drugs. This network rapidly improved the efficiency of Chugai Pharmaceutical's new-drug discovery activities, because it enables access to the multiple banks of molecular entities owned by Roche around the world, and access to research data on the structure, pharmacology, kinetics and toxicity of molecular entities.

The concept of genomic antibody-drug discovery was established by utilising the recombinant protein production and antibody humanisation technologies we acquired during the development of biopharmaceutical drugs and the knowledge and genome information we gained from constructing a human antibody library and establishing antibody production systems, while focussing our attention on research that connects genome information to antibody drugs. By combining our unique drug discovery technology with the world's most advanced biotechnology, we are striving to develop high-value antibody drugs by enhancing antibody functions, optimising antibody molecules, etc., and also to develop new molecular biopharmaceuticals that share characteristics with low-molecular-weight drugs.

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