Celtaxsys is a privately-held clinical stage drug development company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with subsidiary offices in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The company is focused on advancing important new treatments for inflammatory diseases to clinical proof-of-concept, with particular emphasis on pulmonary diseases.

Celtaxsys continually strives to create efficiencies in the drug development lifecycle by acquiring promising early drug candidates and rapidly progressing them through pivotal Phase 2 clinical proof-of-concept (POC) studies. Our semi-virtual model produces big-pharma quality work at reduced cost by networking our streamlined organization with an array of world-class advisors, expert consultants, and quality contractors.

Our lead program, CTX-4430, is currently undergoing clinical trials for treatment of pulmonary inflammation in cystic fibrosis. CTX-4430 was acquired as a preclinical asset in early 2012 and has since advanced through Phase 1.

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    A61K - Preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes
  • 16
    C07K - Peptides
  • 10
    Y02A - Technologies for adaptation to climate change
  • 9
    G01N - Investigating or analysing materials by determining their chemical or physical properties
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    C12N - Microorganisms or enzymes
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    G06T - Image data processing or generation, in general
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    A61L - Methods or apparatus for sterilising materials or objects in general
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    C12Q - Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleic acids or microorganisms
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    G06F - Electric digital data processing
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    H01L - Semiconductor devices

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Contact Information

ATDC Biosciences Center, 0390, 311 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332
United States


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Crunchbase Investment Rounds

DateAmountRoundValuationLead InvestorOther Investors
2010-10-27$4,231,386Series C
2018-01-08Series EInvusLumira Ventures, Masters Capital Management, RMI Partners, Domain Associates, Georgia Research Alliance
2008-05-27$3,700,000Series BMasters Capital Management
2015-06-08$45,000,000Series DDomain AssociatesLumira Ventures, Masters Capital Management, GRA Venture Fund, LLC, RMI Partners
2005-07-25$5,191,000Series AMasters Capital Management
2009-05-07$2,040,000Debt Financing

SEC Form D Funding Events

2008-05-19Unknown Unknown Other (Paper Filing)

Key Executives

  • William P. Reddick
    Executive Officer, Director
  • Ralph A. Grosswald
    Executive Officer
  • Michael Hanley
  • Jan M. Lodal
  • Michael W. Masters
  • Matthew S. Dontzin
  • Eric Springman
    Executive Officer