AuraSense Therapeutics is a development-stage biotechnology company founded to pursue the unique commercial potential of Spherical Nucleic Acid (SNA™) constructs. These novel constructs possess unparalleled biocompatibility and versatility as therapeutics. They hold great promise for combating the most threatening diseases in existence, including heart disease, cancer, skin conditions and bacterial infection.

SNA™ technology originated in the lab of Professor Chad A. Mirkin at the Northwestern University International Institute for Nanotechnology. The Company's scientific founders and their developments in the nanoparticle field have been the subject of over 80 international and national awards, over 500 publications, and over 450 patents.

AuraSense Therapeutics was founded in early 2011 as a subsidiary of AuraSense, LLC, which exists to commercialize SNA and related technologies, including NanoFlare™ genetic analysis tools and Spherical HDL therapeutic constructs.

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    C12Q - Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleic acids or microorganisms
  • 8
    A61K - Preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes
  • 8
    B82Y - Specific uses or applications of nanostructures
  • 6
    C07F - Acyclic, carbocyclic or heterocyclic compounds containing elements other than carbon, hydrogen, halogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, selenium or tellurium
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    G01N - Investigating or analysing materials by determining their chemical or physical properties

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Contact Information

Skokie, IL
United States

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Key Executives

  • Chad A. Mirkin
    Executive Officer, Director
  • C. Shad Thaxton
    Executive Officer, Director
  • Percy Van Crocker, Jr.
    Executive Officer
  • David A. Giljohann
    Executive Officer, Director
  • David Walt
  • Jay Venkatesan