With California experiencing record droughts, anticipated to continue for possibly decades, and over 70% of BC produce being imported from California, including over 86% of their organic salad greens, coupled with general demand for organics increasing rapidly with 3 times demand to supply, and the Chinese market opening to high-demand for Canadian organics, this presents a ripe market opportunity for BC organic farms.

Acquisition of land, buildings, equipment & business -fully operational and profitable 50-acre certified organic farm in South Okanagan, B.C. with well-established distribution channels in the greengrocer networks across BC and Alberta. The property is easily accessible by highway, making it ideal for crop transportation, only 45 min from US border, and optimally located on the wine country trail, an incredibly popular tourist destination, recently voted the #2 wine region in the world.

Security includes real estate assets with strong valuation to protect investors.

Currently operating at adjusted 45% margin, strong efficiencies. Takeover includes rapid expansion - engaging other farmers to grow product on their behalf, leveraging already established, distribution channels, cold storage, shipping and distribution. Farm is a hub for shipping and distribution, and bringing their total cultivated acres to 350 in their first 3 years, up to 500 acres.

Acquisition includes land, buildings, equipment & business, a new off-grid (solar/geothermal) 6,000 sq. ft. Wellness Retreat that would open Summer 2015.

Their expansion plans are to follow a similar model to Earthbound Farms, a US organics producer, who recently had a $600 million exit.

Current operations team will work in perpetuity to allow for a seamless transition, preservation of operations efficiencies, and overall success.

Acquiring an existing operation, they also maintain the strong reputation, quality of product and relationships in the organics industry.

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Creston, BC V0X1C3


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2015-03-12$800,000Equity Crowdfunding