Atavist is a media and software company that builds story-telling software that enables authors to compose, design, publish, and sell digital publications for mobile applications, the web, and e-readers. Authors can drag content straight from their computer and assemble blocks of video, sound, images, and interactive charts; upload a cover image and choose a visual theme, own domain, and logo; publish their stories, reports, books, and magazines where they want and make them free and shareable, or sell them online; and use Google Analytics integration.

The Atavist is a long-form magazine and e-singles publication offered by the company.

Atavist was founded in 2009 and launched in 2011 by Nicholas Thompson, Jefferson Rabb, and Evan Ratliff. The company is based in New York, United States.

Contact Information

68 Jay Street, Suite 422
Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States


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Crunchbase Investment Rounds

DateAmountRoundValuationLead InvestorOther Investors
2014-10-16$2,000,000Debt Financing
2012-05-28$925,002Series Unknown
2012-10-04$2,500,018Series Unknown