Assetinum was founded with the goal of offering investors an independent and useful investment portal.

Assetinum’s special focus is given to the search function for matching Swiss asset managers or investment consultants - banks, independent asset managers (IAM) and family offices. Users can easily arrange a meeting with experienced investment experts for free and then decide on a provider of their choice.

The idea behind it: the financial world is becoming more and more complex. Financial markets are becoming more inscrutable and financial products more complicated. For a layperson it is extremely tedious and time-consuming to find their way around today’s financial jungle. Therefore, investors without previous knowledge are recommended to consult investment experts for asset planning.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to find an ideal asset manager until now. No wonder: in Switzerland, there are more than 2,000 external asset managers – without counting the consultants in banks. Although you might receive one or two tips from acquaintances, how can you be sure that the recommended asset manager is also the right one for you?

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