AssessPatients is an eHealth start-up that was founded in 2013 by Richie Bowden, who has over 25 years experience in IT and Software Solutions Delivery, including experience in public and private healthcare organisations.

We are developing a web-based platform to simplify assessing care needs and risks for health & social care organizations providing Older Care services – Acute Care Hospitals, Residential & Community-based Health & Social Care Programmes. Our user-centered approach involves working interactively with clinicians, carers, social workers and therapists to ensure that the decision support solution is focused on relevant problems with easy-to-use software.

We are currently piloting our software with St. Mary’s Hospital & Nursing Home in Dublin for their admission process and older care pathway. We are also having discussions with a number of UK-based healthcare organizations in relation to agreeing live pilots to validate the business case for quality of care improvements and cost savings.

AssessPatient’s features can assist a multi-disciplinary care team to improve patient care through better analysis and preventive measures using;
• Online library of recognised multi-disciplinary assessments covering Physio & Occupational therapy, Social Worker and Nursing/Carer practices (e.g. Falls Risk, Cognitive Ability, Mobility etc)
• An ability to manage and track health & social patient outcomes related to quality of life
• An ability to provide online alerts to appropriate members of the multi-disciplinary team based on the latest patient assessments
• An ability to review and monitor the performance of the overall treatment programme from financial and quality of care perspectives

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