Asil Celik is the largest producer of quality steel in Turkey and produces quality steels for the international market. The domestic market share is 60% and the export share of their company is 40%. Their product range includes alloyed, unalloyed, high alloy and hot rolled (round, square, flat, hexagonal, etc.) steels for all sectors of the automotive and engineering industries. Asil Celik is a quality steel manufacturer and one of the few companies in the world specializing in the production of alloyed steels. The production at Asil Celik began in 1979. Through intensive know-how transfer with various license partners, eg the German 'Thyssen Edelstahlwerke AG (TEW)', the foundation was laid from the beginning for an excellent process and product quality. In the areas of ladle metallurgy and vacuum degassing, the American company 'LECTROMELT' and the German companies 'VACMETALL' / 'KRUPP' worked together. For the production of large round dimensions, the Finnish company 'OVAKO STEEL' contributed their know-how. Strategic contracts have been concluded through the exchange of knowledge. The acquired metallurgical knowledge is used in all process and quality tests, as well as processes in the steel and rolling mill.

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