Imagine dining just two tables away from your soul mate and never knowing it. Countless encounters are gone forever because neither party knew the other shared the same beliefs and interests.

Start making meaningful connections with people right in your own community. Anubii is an intelligent matchmaking app that gives users an inside glimpse into those around them – in the subway, at the mall, in the park, on a hike, while dining – even near your own back yard. Delve beyond small talk, with a preview into the hobbies, musical tastes, dining preferences, and favorite activities of those just steps from where you are right now.

**How does Anubii know?**

[Anubii]( is an advanced social networking app that uses intuitive Global Positioning System (GPS) and triangulation technology to pinpoint where you are at each moment in relation to other Anubii users. You then receive occasional recommendations when you’re near someone who complements your personal style.

There’s so much more to you than meets the eye. That’s why Anubii never relies solely on what you tell it. Like a best friend, Anubii learns over the course of time where you like to shop and dine, who you visit, and which activities you engage in most. Simply go about your day-to-day activities, while Anubii learns your routine and matches your habits with the people, events, and establishments that would be of interest to you. This information is stored securely on our servers and is never shared with outside parties.


* Personalized user profiles
* High-resolution photo upload
* Real-time mobile chat and instant messaging
* Social media connectivity (Facebook and Twitter)
* Detailed directory listings for local shops and restaurants

Your best local adventures are just moments away. Download Anubii and get started, today.

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