AMB is an extremely robust mortgage banking accounting system. This mortgage accounting software goes beyond the debits and credits to track transactions on a loan-by-loan basis. In doing so, loan level detail comes right off the mortgage banking accounting system and redundant spreadsheets are eliminated. In addition to providing loan level detail, AMB provides exceptional General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Report Writing capabilities. At the push of a button, AMB’s mortgage accounting software can present which loans comprise an account balance, any balance and at any time. Just as quickly, AMB can show which transactions have occurred on a loan, or range of loans. The ability to maintain loan level detail allows AMB to provide a level of profitability analysis not found elsewhere. Profitability by loan, loan officer, and loan type are generated quickly and easily, as is profitability by branch. The real-time nature of the mortgage banking accounting system, as opposed to older “Batch” oriented systems, allows for faster data entry, eliminates the need for time consuming posting routines and makes instant reporting possible. With AMB, accounting for mortgage loans becomes customized and tailored to fit your exact needs, which also makes your staff work more effectively and efficiently.

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