Post Date2019-12-13



There is growing interest in relying on micromachined systems for gas-handling applications. Current limitations to the adoption of this technology stem from device operation at high temperatures, thus requiring thermal isolation in addition to vacuum-sealed lead transfer and low parasitic capacitance.

Technology Description

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed improved micromachined devices including a packaged micromachined pump for on-chip vacuum. The device has attained evacuation of a cavity to 0.46 atm using 80mW input power, while maintaining high thermal isolation between a polysilicon heater of the pump and the rest of the device.


Can be scaled down to small dimensions, durability and simplified packaging.

Improved efficiency, ability to operate at high temperature.

Market Application

Actuation of gases for gas chromatography, spectroscopy, microplasma manufacturing.

Pneumatic actuation of liquids for lab-on-a-chip and chemical sensing devices. Vacuum encapsulation.